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A borrowed game-"Teh Mole"

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A borrowed game-"Teh Mole"

Post by fireflare77 on Sun Aug 17, 2008 12:07 am

This game has been borrowed from another site because it just sounds soo cool. The rules (with a few minor additions and subtractions) are as follows:

Game Procedures
~Twelve people are allowed to play and sign-ups will last for 3 days or until the twelve people roster is filled. If there is an overwhelming number of people who wish to play, the number of people able to play may be increased.

~From the roster, the host will randomly pick one player to be “Teh Mole” and notify them via PM.

~After “Teh Mole” is notified of their status they will begin posting around the boards and leaving hints that they are “Teh Mole.” But may never come right out and say their identity. Hints can range from the simple to the complicated, "Teh Mole" is more than welcomed to use his or hers imagination when leaving behind clues.

~If someone guesses the identity of “Teh Mole” by PMing the game host then that person automatically wins the game. If guessed incorrectly, said person will be eliminated immediatly. So only guess if you're absolutely sure!

~If no one guesses the identity of “Teh Mole” before the game ends, then the "Teh Mole" will be deemed the winner.

~There will be a challenge posted every two days and the players will be given about 24hrs to respond to the challenge. Challenges will consist of questions or tasks - ranging from easy questions to otheres that will be completly random. You must PM the game host (fireflare77) with your answer.

~There are points awarded for each challenged which break down like this:
-First Person or Only Person to correctly answer a challenge: 5pts and immunity
-Correct answer to a challenge: 3pts
-Failed attempt at answering a challenge: 1pt
-Not answering a challenge: 0pts
Note: If a player fails to attempt 3 challenges they will be eliminated.

~After each challenge the "Teh Mole" will pick anyone who doesn't have immunity to be eliminated from the game. The player who answers the challenge first will receive immunity from these eliminations. “Teh Mole” will PM the game host with who he or she wishes to eliminate. The game host will then announce who the "Teh Mole" eliminated from the game.

~Teh-Mole can eliminate his/herself if they should so wish but not until we are down to 5 players(having only two challenges left) to cover the missing three challenges rule and to keep them from eliminating themselves from the begining.

~After every 5 challenges, the person with the most points is allowed to make a free guess as to whom the "Teh Mole" is without fear of elimination. The game host will announce who has the most points and when they may make their guess by PMing the game host. The "Teh Mole" may also answer questions to gain points. This means "Teh Mole" will want to answer questions and do tasks to have as many points as possible in order to keep people from having a free guess or even immunity. He/she may also want to eliminate those who have the most points, so winning immunity may be a double-edged sword.

~When and if three players are left, meaning no one has guessed who "Teh Mole" is, the challenges will end and the remaining players will send their final guess as to which one of the three left is "Teh Mole." If more than one person guesses the "Teh Mole" correctly whoever has the most points wins. If no one guesses correctly, the player who is "Teh Mole" wins.


The winner will be inducted into a new usergroup of TEH MOLE WINNERS!!! they will have a sepicially colored name for one week.

Specific Rules.

1. The game is restricted to 12 players. If there is an overwhealming number of people who wish to play, the number may be increased if the game host deems fit.

3. Players who are not "Teh Mole" are free to state that they are "Teh Mole" in order to fool others into making a false guess, hence eliminating the competition.

4. Players are asked not to PM each other asking if they are "Teh Mole."

5. Whoever is "Teh Mole" is asked to leave at least some small clue in their posts. It doesn't have to be every single post, nor does it have to be elaborate. When posting, posts are still asked to remain on topic and to the Terms of Service. "Teh Mole" must be able to explain at least one of the clues to the game host (fireflare77) to make sure that it is at least partialy solvable.

6. At any time when the person whom is playing herein this competition wishes not to continue forward, they must then post so within this thread. However, "Teh Mole" must notify the host before quitting as so that a suitable player can be found to replace them.

Sign up below:

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Re: A borrowed game-"Teh Mole"

Post by Hayden on Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:23 pm

Ummm how do you sign up?

EDIT BY FIREFLARE77: You sign up by saying that you do so... "I'm in" etc. And then you post below that, your number and your username. i.e.

1. Hayden
then the next person would copy that in to their post and theirs would be:

I'm in!
1. Hayden
2. User X

Untill the number is twelve.
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