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Gallery Contest! [solved] (1)

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Gallery Contest! [solved] (1)

Post by fireflare77 on Sat May 03, 2008 5:45 pm

fireflare77 wrote:This is Blogzone's first contest. Depending on how well this one goes will determine weather or not we have more. So here it is, we have a gallery. The link is in the upper left corner. Click there and send us a picture. You can feel free to vote for other contestants and yourself. The picture with the highest number of stars at the end will be the winner. Anyone can play. Note: you do not have to have made the picture yourself. The picture I entered however (skelldieriverofblood) was made by me using bryce 5.0. I of coruse, will not be eligible to win.

The Prizes:

1st PLACE! 1st prize: Three moderator positions and the ability to name the purpose of the dungeon
2nd Rate 2nd: Gains acess to the moderator forums and becomes a "project manager"
3rd Place 3rd: Gets to name the purpose of the new categorey in the gallery
Jery 4th: A special prize

And now the long awaited results!

The fourth place winner is...... Hobo_Bob2!!!! *everyone claps* Brandon, your prize is one wish. I will grant you a wish that admin powers can conjure fourth (withinn reason)

Third prize goes to... Hobo_Bob2 again!!! this time for that cool hobo with monkey head picture! You get to name the purpose of the new categorey in the gallery!!! The one labled "new cat.". You can decide to have it renamed to whatever you want and for the purpose of posting any kind of pictures you can think of (not obscene ones or ones that vilate the rules, of course)

Now for second place... Second place goes to the only person to have submitted an animated picture... you guessed it, LEANN!!!

And now, the last prize to give away, first! First place goes to: (scroll down)

TANNER! Have fun with the dungeon!

And a note to everyone else: The next competion starts Monday. As the winner, Tanner will host it and decide the rules! Congradulations everyone!

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